Better Ways for Horses Commute

Transporting a haul of animals have always been pretty tough task. It is never easy to make it possible. We can never try a haul of horses without possible issues. There are multiple ways and challenges in this pandemic and we need very better ways to transport the animals. In Australia and other countries where they have introduced a way to transport hauls of horses and other animals in a float that is square front horse float. It looks like a square box with the capacity to transport horses from one place to other with so much ease. If you are in charge and by any means you are involved in transporting animals. Do you think it will be a pain free process? Absolutely not. It is headache free and hassle free only when you are rightly in touch with regency floats and availing new horse float. 

About the team 

We are into this business for quite a long time now. Keeping in mind the unpredictability of weather and roads of Australia as we are deeply in touch with the animals hence, undertaking the responsibility of animals and especially horses to reach at their destination with ease we have introduced a range of solutions that are practical and pretty economical.  


The first solution that we have introduced to the house hauls transport is the square horse float. In this horse float we have the capacity of accommodating and transporting a larger number of horses. The square front horse float is made up of the best transport services. Coming to us and you are finding for solutions. Here we come and we want to ask. We are introducing new horse float here. These floats comes into different styles as in square front horse float and multiple other styles. You can buy the new horse float as per your requirement as in how many horses you need to transport from one place to the other?


You can ask for the quote before getting it customised. We can arrange a new horse float as per your requirement. We are serving in this field for quite a long time now. And we are pretty much sure about our business and public demands as well. The only agenda we emphasise a lot is to listen the client’s requirements and getting it shaped accordingly. As the customers demand we kept on improving everything we have and everything in our capacities.  

Why Us? 

We are the one who are one text away and always saying yes to all your requests. We are happy to announce that you can get the orders customised from us. We understand our job and we are doing it in a perfect manner. We build a new horse float with beds, kitchens and necessary arrangements that make the transporting experience amazing. We have undertaken all the facts plus how and they effect the overall journey. We are striving and working to present our best I this regard.

The square front horse float has a proper exit and entry ways. Thus I is clear that you can board on and take your horses off with ease. There will be no problems. We are here trying to serve you with the best. Place a call anytime whenever you require the services. In this pandemic when situation got worse and require a lot more reassurance and services we are making  this experience wholesome and super easy for you. We are always here for you offering you the help and making the new horse float super easy and fully equipped with all the things needed to be in it. 


We are entertaining you with the square front horse float and that float is pretty easy and continent for you. The structure of it is square, standardised, structure is better built and what not? Hence, here we come with all what can we offer you in this pandemic. We are taking great care of everything and proud to inform you about all the journey is secure. What else are you pondering on now? We are here and proud to present it in a best manner. Go and check it out through our websites.

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