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If you are a business owner in Melbourne or planning on advertising something, you must know that in a city with maybe thousands of advertisements and businesses, making your signage unique is extremely important. Most people might now know this, but signage can come under the category of “marketing” one’s product.

In terms of marketing, attractive and eye-catching signage can be a great advertiser for a business because unique signs catch the eye of a consumer and encourage them to check out a shop or a café before they have even seen the product. And because of this, businesses must invest in good signage to advertise their business or their product(s).

So, if you are looking for affordable and stylish custom-made signs for your business, within the Melbourne area, then look no further because Stick on Signs has got you covered.


Stick on Signs is a company working in Melbourne since 1976 that has been proudly providing Melbourne companies with unique, striking, and economical signs. Over the years they have amassed a loyal group of consumers because of their team’s hard work when it comes to the signage industry.  

The team at Stick on Signs is knowledgeable and committed to helping consumers by using their knowledge and experience to help consumers decide the best signs that their companies need. From the extensive range of different types of signs available, their team helps decide what might work for them from led box signs to A frame signs in MelbourneStick on Signs is a family-owned business that has expanded over the years with its innovation and top-notch customer services.  

Stick on Signs even helps companies in outdoor signage and most importantly helps with the installation. What helps them stand out amongst competitors in the signage industry Is that no matter the type of signs you are looking for, from led box signs to A-frame signs or be it pull-up banners, they have the best team who will help you design the perfect sign for you.   

Some of the products available at Stick on Signs include: 

  • A-Frame Signs
  • Corflute Signs
  • LED box signs
  • Safety Signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Menu Boards
  • Wall Graphics

And these are only a few! A more comprehensive list of products available at Stick on Signs can be found on their very interactive and minimalist website. Below is a small description of some of their popular products and what it entails: 


LED box signs or Light Boxes are essentially boxes with energy-conserving LED lights installed in them. Usually, they have a frame that is either single or double-sided aluminum. At Stick on Signs, these LED box signs can be customized to cater to consumers’ preferred size, lighting options, and/or lettering styles.

The LED Box Signs can be used in multiple ways for example as menu boards, internal display shelves, as a welcome sign; anything as per consumer requirement. These LED Box Signs can be an essential element to attract a certain demographic or to fit a marketing stint. That is the key objective of LED Box Signs and Stick on Signs is a pro at accomplishing it.


A-Frame Signs are a perfect method of street advertisements. These are traditionally kept outside a shop, viewing the street, and are supposed to be visually attractive so that they catch the eye of people walking or driving by. With A-Frame Signs, one can get a chalkboard as well, a popular use by cafés to write down the menu.

The features of an A-Frame sign at Stick on Signs include a well-built frame (black or white) that is weatherproof and resists rust. They are available in multiple colors and sizes (all sizes are Council approved). With A-Frame Signs, you can use both sides, front and back, to display different messages or the same message and the ease of its folding design makes it a handy and temporary advertising option.  

So, look no further! All your signage questions and problems can be solved at Stick on Signs with minimal problems because they are Melbourne’s finest signage provider since 1976. From A-Frame Signs to LED Box Signs in Melbourne, they are experienced retailers with affordable prices and even a free design service.

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