Gaming Equipment essentials for an Improved Gaming Experience

As a PC gamer, you are concerned about way more stuff than a regular console gamer might be. Identifying as a whole different breed, you may worry about building the perfect throne to take your gaming experience to the next level. On the journey to achieving your perfect gaming setup, gaming equipment can make the largest difference. Small changes to equipment such as a new mouse pad or adapter can bring you world happiness and make gaming much easier. Maybe you are a novice in the world of PC gaming or haven’t gotten around to making the most out of the experience. Don’t worry, this guide will help you identify the most critical equipment you need to excel at gaming and conquer the gaming world – once and for all. 

The Basics  

Let’s start off by taking a look at the very basic gaming equipment in Australia required to build your gaming experience.  

The Mouse 

One of the first things you need to begin gaming on your PC is a mouse. There are many variants of gaming mouse available on the market and all of them differ in their prices and quality. However, it should be noted that your regular old mouse won’t cut it for the fastpaced gaming performance you need to become a champion.  

As far as a gaming mouse goes, you have two main options to choose from: 

  1. Wireless Gaming Mouse
    If you are someone who prefers a wireless mouse, going for a comfortable yet inexpensive one would be ideal for a novice. There are many variants that feature comfortable designs with many customizable options that won’t cost a fortune. 
  2. Wired Gaming Mouse
    For gamers who prefer a wired mouse, there are many cheap options such as the Technet Raptor or that can fulfil the needs of a beginner. If you are a pro you might want to switch to a better quality mouse that has deep acceleration settings, good sensors and a more comfortable fit.  

The Keyboard 

To begin gaming one of the most important things you need is a good keyboard. While a normal keyboard may also serve the purpose, gaming keyboards are specially built to deal with customization, input lag and high build quality that is hard to match. Gamers looking for a variety of features in their keyboards which can either be mechanical or chiclet keyboards. Having backlit keys might seem excessive but it can be highly useful while gaming in the dark.  


Every gamer needs an adapter to connect to multiple wireless devices. An adapter is a USB device that connects multiple devices such as wireless mouse, keyboard and game controllers with your pc. You can either go for a wifi adapter or a pluggable Bluetooth one for different forms of connectivity.  


What’s gaming without a highquality screen to view your games on? A good monitor can make your gaming experience more immersive than ever. The ideal gaming monitor may have a variety of features such a high definition render, crisp image and the optimal screen size. One feature is arguably the Inplane Switching capability which prevents the image on the screen from warping when viewed in different angles. There are also other parameters such as FreeSync which you might want in your gaming monitor to elevate the gameplay experience. 

Going Beyond the Basics  

Once you enter the life of serious gaming you will need something extra except just the basic necessities. These small things can make a world of difference and turn your casual gaming into a gaming experience like never before. While new gamers may not need all this, these are must-haves for professional gamers or gamers aspiring to make it big.  

Mouse Pad 

A mouse pad may seem inconsequential to a regular PC user, but to a gamer, it can mean a lot more. A good mouse pad for gamers needs to cover most of your desk’s surface for optimal movement.  

Gaming Headsets  

Many multiplayer games will require you to converse with gamers online and a gaming headset can turn your multiplayer games into an amazing sensory experience. Gaming headsets in Australia are often considered a novelty but their high definition sound quality make them ideal for more than just talking to your gamer friends while playing DotaFrom mice, keyboard, headsets and adapters to comfortable gaming chairs and controllers, the list of gaming equipment are endless. However, we have shared the very basics with you to get you started on your journey as a gamer.  

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