Get a grip on your clutch 

Cars are a fundamental part of our everyday lives. They are a means of travel and help us get from one location to another quickly and with ease. Along with fulfilling our need, cars are also a form of entertainment. Car racing is popular sport and has existed since the invention of automobiles. As early as the 1800s there are records of car racing with the purpose of establishing them as a reliable means of transport. Over the course of time, competitions like these are held to show case the machines that are specifically designed for the sport. They are also an immense source of enjoyment for racers and viewers alike purely because of the adrenaline rush cause by racing and looking at the cars speeding beyond their limits. Endurance racing is also a form of racing that is designed for the purpose of testing the durability of the equipment and the endurance of those who are participating. Large distances are covered either in the form of laps or the ability to cover as much distance as you can in a set amount of time. The Chevrolet Corvette is a race car designed for this type of racing and the corvette racing clutch kit allows you to drive it for long distances.

Whether it be racing cars or our everyday cars, there are certain parts of a car that are indispensable to its running. The clutch is vital to a car, if it stops working, it is almost impossible to get your car going. The main function of the clutch is to link the car engine to its transmission. The engine is always running even when your wheels aren’t so your clutch is needed to join as well as separate. Automatic transmissions have multiple clutches but essentially, they are doing the same job. The clutch is connected to your engine through the engine’s flywheel. When there is no pressure of the clutch pedal then the clutch is forcibly pressured by its springs against the pinwheel which forms a connection to transmit the engines motion into transmission. When the clutch pedal is pressed however, the springs relax against the flywheel and breaks the connection. Whether it be a corvette racing clutch kit or a normal clutch kit it contains the same parts which are; a clutch disc and a clutch pressure plate which contains a clutch plate, springs, release and cover fingers. The clutch disc is responsible for directing the flow of power between the engine to the transmission. Corvette racing clutch kits have discs that are made from ceramic for more friction which helps increase the grip. The better the material used, and the stronger the springs, then there will be better durability and faster shifts.

The clutch is designed to be long lasting but the friction causes between the clutch plate and flywheel slowly wear down the plate. Normally, all clutches are good for 50,000 miles. There are certain things that you can do to maintain your clutch:

  • Press the pedal fully while changing gears, half pressed pedals cause more harm.
  • Use the break instead of the clutch if you want to keep your car stationery.
  • When you take of use the first gear instead of the third even if you have cut off on the third.
  • When you see some traffic or even a red light, start slowing down in advance instead of just waiting till the last minute as this can cause the engine to cease and the car to slip.
  • When you are downshifting, match the engine speed to the rear-wheel speed as it makes the shift easier.
  • Don’t keep your foot rested on the clutch pedal during high traffic or at the traffic light as this cause the clutch plate to reduce pressure between itself and the flywheel which may eventually lead to breakage.
  • While accelerating quickly, don’t drop the clutch as it causes great stress on the springs.
  • Always park your car out of gear.
  • Only change your gear when you need to so that you can maintain your speed.

The clutch is the most vital organ of your car and it is very important to understand it and take care of it. Whether you have a racing car or a normal one, it is always a good idea to spend money on maintenance rather than waiting till it breaks down.

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