Get To Know Sydney’s Best Recruitment Specialists

Some people firmly believe that recruiting for C-suite positions or any sort of job is all dependent on luck and while that might be slightly true, there is no hard evidence to support this claim. But there is evidence to support the importance of reliable recruitment specialist in Sydney cbd because they do work, or in other words, companies affiliated with authentic and reliable recruitment specialist companies are statistically more likely to find better and more experienced candidates for executive positions.  

So, if you are looking for any reliable and trustworthy recruitment specialists that can help you find your next executive-level employee, then look no further because Occulus is here to save the day! 


Occulus is an international recruitment specialist company that started out being Sydney’s most trusted recruitment specialists where they eventually decided to grow internationally across ANZ and Asia. They provide top-notch executive recruitment services helping companies recruit the best C-suite talent across almost 8 countries. Upon expanding they even added on further recruitment services such as Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing, Technology, Management, and more as per the insistence of their loyal customers.

Occulus has been operating as a recruitment specialist in the executive recruitment market for nearly 10 years and due to their impeccable services, they have been able to build a loyal network of customers.  


There are many executive recruitment companies all over Australia but what makes Occulus stand out is their firm belief in their mantra. Their mantra is, “Attracting and retaining the best talent, with high levels of emotional intelligence is key.”

What this mantra helps them do is work on understanding the client’s aim and what their strategy is regarding executive recruitment in Sydney and the job offered. Once they understand that and what perspective the client is looking for, they start looking in the market for a suitable candidate, that fits the standards of recruitment specialists, Occulus 


Occulus has gained a reputation of being amazing recruitment specialists and all credit goes to their loyal customer base who trust them and find them reliable enough to let them handle their executive recruitment. And you should choose Occulus too if you are looking for executive recruitment because of the following services that they offer as part of their executive recruitment service:

  1. CONSULTING – the directors at Occulus are great at consulting where they provide customers with insights from the market and other helpful tools so they can help them retain their best talents. 
  2. PROJECT PLANNING – Occulus uses Prince methodology so all stakeholders in the process remain on the same page throughout the deal. 
  3. DATA ANALYTICS – Occulus offers clients numbers and statistics to show progress rates which further helps them analyze future recruitment plans.  
  4. CASE STUDIES – if requested, Occulus will assess potential recruits using case studies and written assessments including emotional intelligence and Psychometrics.  
  5. CUSTOM TOOLS – Occulus offers the option to custom create job descriptions and other marketing plans to attract only the best candidates.

These 5 services have become a solid fool=proof plan for Occulus’ success in the competitive market of recruitment specialists because Occulus tries their level best to help their customer’s business.  


The executive recruitment process is slightly different from recruitment for any other lower position job. This is because executives run the company and so they must be capable and all-rounded in terms of qualification, experience, etc. as a recruitment specialist, Occulus tries to mind map the entire process so, in the end, they can find the best candidate that fits the client’s criteria.

Their main focus apart from educational and work credentials is finding recruits that show the potential to influence people’s hearts and minds. With the right level of emotional intelligence, they want recruits to bring the organization to another level while setting an example for their subordinates.

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