Health trends that deliver.

If you’re used to frequenting the internet every now and then, chances are that you have probably heard of bone broth – the latest health fad doing the rounds on the internet. However, if you’re used to frequenting the internet you will also know not to trust most of what you see on the internet. The World Wide Web has given a voice to anyone with access to an internet connection, and while that has been extremely liberating for the most part, it has also led to the rise of a lot of fake news and trends that promise the world but fail to deliver. So, it makes sense to be a little wary any time we come across some new trend that promises to turn our life around and to make us feel healthier than ever before. However, when it comes to certain things it can be fair to say that the hype is truly real and the benefits that certain health trends promise us are truly worth it and truly do deliver. The benefits that these trends can offer us can really help us feel better inside out and can rejuvenate us.  

Benefits of bone broth  

Bone broth and collagen protein powder are two such trends that we assure you, you can trust on. Bone broth is something that has been around for centuries, and has traditionally been used in many Asian cultures as a way of building bone strength, to strengthen the kidneys and has been proven to have immense benefits for the digestive system. It is only now that bone broth has made its way to more western nations. Bone broth is as simple as it is delicious and beneficial. Simply put, it is the broth of poultry or beef bones and vegetables at times. It contains the connective tissue and at times we can even use the bones of fish to make it. Bone broth can be chock full of many essential nutrients and can be extremely warming, filling and delicious. Just one cup of bone broth can help you fulfil your daily requirements for calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.  

The ease of bone broth powder 

Bone broth can help us maintain optimal gut health, by protecting against leaky gut syndrome, which is characterized by the intestinal lining becoming porous, leading to undigested food particles escaping. This can over time lead to inflammation and diseases elsewhere in the body. However, a cup of bone broth a day can help us stay healthy and maintain a non leaky gut, with the help of the gelatine found in bone broth that can help seal up the miniscule holes. However, it can at times be too difficult to prepare bone broth on our own, as we simply do not have the time to boil bones and vegetables for hours on end. In such cases, it can be best to buy bone broth powder which is, of course, chock full of all the essential nutrients that any homemade bone broth would have. All we need to do is mix one spoonful in a cup of water, and our bone broth is ready.  

Beef collagen protein to help us stay fit 

In addition to bone broth, beef collagen protein powder can also be immensely beneficial for us. Collagen is a protein derivative naturally found in our skin, nails and hair and can keep our hair looking strong, can keep our nails from breaking and can help our skin stay plump and fresh and youthful. It can be extremely beneficial to ditch the synthetic protein powder and opt for natural beef collagen protein powder to help us see all the gains from hitting the gym. This form of protein wont just help us see results faster and fulfil our dietary requirements, but will also give us many beneficial nutrients otherwise.  

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