The Best Sandwiches for Your Café – from Classics to Trendy Flavors!

In the restaurant/ dining-out industry, there is always a market for sandwiches. Especially amongst on-budget university students and busy office working people. A sandwich can be of many kinds’ ad varieties with different types of bread, and some may be wraps with an unimaginable number of fillings from sweet chocolate spreads to more lunch style options of chicken and turkey, cheese, or no cheese. There are endless combinations that can suit every palate.

And a sandwich is a perfect go-to food option between business meetings as well as on chaotic shooting sets. That is what most people do. Cannot find to squeeze in lunch before a meeting on the other side of the city? Just grab a sandwich from a nearby café and eat it on the way.

And now that we’ve mentioned cafés, let’s not ignore that any small café, if starts housing a good variety of different kinds of sandwiches from true classics like Ham and Cheese to trendy flavours, they’ll become the biggest hit on the block!

Therefore,  if you are a small café or canteen that is looking to boost their sales or just looking for pre-made sandwiches to enrich their menus then, The Handmade Food Co. will solve all your problems.


The Handmade Food a company of food wholesalers in Brisbane and food distributors that is owned by an Australian family. The conception of the then Lunchbox Solutions took place when the family loved the availability of their staple sandwiches while on holiday. So, when they came back to Australia, they opened a sandwich boutique. 

The food wholesalers have been operating for 14 years as The Handmade Food Co. and have been able to amass a great reputation and a steady clientele all over Australia throughout the Foodservice and Convenience industry channels. As food distributors, they have been determined to remain true to their name and have remained traditional in the making of their sandwiches. Since they are called The Handmade Food Co., their sandwiches are prepared every day with fresh local produce delivered every morning.

Being food wholesalers and food distributors in Melbourne themselves, The Handmade Food Co., ae very aware of the problems that their industry faces with the increased use of artificial ingredients and material manufactured from international brands, they have remained firm in only helping local farmers by buying all materials used in sandwiches from local farmers and local businesses.  

The aim of The Handmade Food Co. team is that they keep on bringing recipes of sandwiches and different flavour combinations from around the world to Australia. And with their amazing chefs and foodie team members, they plan on delivering to the best of their abilities.


If you own a café/canteen or are planning to own one, investigate The Handmade Food Co.’s incomparable sandwich variety. They have got the Australian classics down like the Ham and Cheese Toastie. Amongst the on-trend flavours, they house a variety of flavours from around the globe like the Roast Chicken & Sriracha Bacon Ciabatta.

As food wholesalers, they distribute their sandwiches all over Australia while maintaining consistency with flavour, packaging, and price. Adding upon that, they are also aware of their responsibility as food distributors and have managed to come up with a way to transport the food preserving its original form and quality while keeping the wastage to a minimum.

The Handmade Food Co. has a stable chain of distribution and has been a food wholesaler for more than a decade they have been able to learn how to maintain the perfect inventory which is why they are not likely to face any food shortages due to backup stocks.

As food distributors, they know how to cater to the many diverse people that live in Australia, so they make numerous categories of sandwiches with numerous flavours available in each category. The food wholesalers, The Handmade Food Co., house the following café products that are popular in Australia every day as per their food distributors: 

  • Sandwiches 
  • Wraps 
  • Pockets 
  • Toasties – like Croque toasties 
  • Croissants and Breakfast items 
  • A whole range of Gluten-free products 
  • Microwaveable food products 

And many more. The complete list with available flavours can be found on The Handmade Food Co. food wholesale website. So, what are you waiting for? Research and choose the best food distributors for your café.  

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